About hybridroc

About hybridroc

About Hybridroc

HybridROC is an institution, a visionary organization created to serve, redefine and transform the health care professional’s approach to medicine as a thriving career and business. Every product and service developed by HybridROC has taken into consideration gaps and challenges that deter the healthcare professional while leveraging on the strengths and opportunities that abound in and around the health care sector. HybridROC is a platform to obtain knowledge and develop skills necessary for excellence as a health care professional.

Our philosophy is centred on career sustenance and advancement as well as improved overall health outcomes.

A hybrid health care professional is a medical graduate who is a change agent. An embodiment of excellence well rounded with skills beyond the practise of medicine, nursing or pharmacy. One who has the ability to leverage on opportunities and operates on the principle of creating opportunities and not waiting for people to create opportunities. A HHP is a bubble of energy, an outside of the box thinker, an achiever determined to be the best he/she can.

A hybrid Solution

A hybrid solution is a business and consulting advisory service for your practice, pharmacy or next big bubbly idea. Hybrid solutions incorporate into your ideas, intellect, technology and innovation to make them even better than you envisioned.


To be recognized as the one stop resource point for professional development services and business solutions to the health care community.


To convey an embodiment of talent, intellect, innovation and technology to health care professionals through consulting and advisory services.

Corporate Promise.

To transform personalities and businesses to solution providers to real life challenges.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Passion